Issaquah Backhoe


Offering precise backhoe and bulldozing service for such a long time, Lee’s Sanitation has emerged as excavation experts in the Issaquah, WA area. Whether you need a backhoe or bulldozers for excavation or other construction needs, we are committed to serve you with perfection.

Equipped with a digger, a backhoe possesses the ability to deliver accurate and rapid excavation service. A backhoe digs by drawing backwards, unlike bulldozers that lift the earth with a forward motion. Although the method of digging is different for a backhoe and bulldozers, both are known for precise excavation. Thus, to enjoy positive building results in Issaquah, look for quality bulldozing and backhoe service.

When seeking backhoe service in Issaquah, we make an ideal option. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why you can consider choosing us in Issaquah.

  • We maintain safety standards while delivering backhoe service
  • We provide affordable yet effective backhoe service
  • We proffer proficient backhoe service
  • We employ trained bulldozers and backhoe operators to avoid any kind of hazards
  • We deliver experienced backhoe service

Issaquah Excavation


If you are working on your Issaquah backyard or landscaping, you might feel the need for excavation service. The process of excavation removes soil and sand from the construction site, making it easy to proceed with building goals. Since excavation can be a complex task, search for trusted digging experts in the Issaquah area.

Bring an end to your hunt for excavation specialists in the Issaquah area with us. Holding significant experience, we are known to deliver:

  • Damage-free excavation
  • Safe excavation
  • Accurate service, enabling construction of Issaquah foundations
  • Professional excavation service
  • Real results

Issaquah Bulldozers


Bulldozers are heavy equipment that help in the construction project by offering the following benefits:

  • Bulldozers help in digging
  • Bulldozers assist in sweeping
  • Bulldozers help in grabbing
  • Bulldozers assist in loading
  • Bulldozers assist in backfilling

Since bulldozers possess the capability of performing multiple functions essential for constructing a building, it is viable to look for a bulldozing service in the Issaquah area when you are planning to build a new foundation or a driveway.

To receive successful bulldozing service in Issaquah, count on us. We make sure that our Issaquah area professionals, operating bulldozers, come to your construction site on-time to serve you.

Issaquah residents can call Lee’s sanitation at (253) 777-1750 for varied excavation needs.