Graham Backhoe


Most all construction projects require digging services. Especially at the start of the project, when you first need to excavate the soil to lay the foundation for a new structure. While this job was earlier carried out by a large group of workers, it can now be easily done by a few trained men who can operate our Graham backhoe machine and bulldozers.

We, at Lee’s Sanitation Service provide high quality Graham backhoe services for local residents. If you are looking for earth excavation for a new project, or for the repair of underground construction in an existing structure, we cater to all backhoe services in Graham.

Our backhoe services in Graham include the following:

  • Patio excavation
  • Landscaping
  • Foundation digging
  • Commercial projects

Regardless of the size of the project or the complexity of the excavation required, we provide complete backhoe services for residents using heavy duty bulldozers.

Graham Excavation


If you are thinking of giving your property a new look, you will need Graham excavation services. You can hire us to provide bulldozers and backhoe services for these types of projects.

Our Graham bulldozers for excavation services can be used for the following:

  • Septic system installation
  • Underground utilities
  • Building excavation
  • Land development clearing

Our backhoe and excavation services in Graham are mainly centered on residential projects. However, we also cater to commercial and industrial projects that require bulldozers and backhoe services. We have a fleet of heavy duty bulldozers and backhoe machines that provide quick excavation services to Graham residents.

Graham Bulldozers


As mentioned above, backhoe and excavation services are essential at the start of a construction project because the earth needs to be excavated to make way for the foundation of the structure.

You can choose our bulldozers in Graham whenever a new construction project comes up. Our bulldozers for Graham projects can be used for constructing underground driveways as well.

We are the right people to call when you need bulldozers in Graham because of the following reasons:

  • Trained personnel to handle bulldozers
  • Affordable pricing
  • Excavation specialists

As an experienced backhoe service provider in Graham, we understand that the foundation needs to be strong, which requires proper excavation. Our bulldozers are in top shape and are always ready to be dispatched for any project.

If you are looking to get your backyard redone and are seeking the assistance of a professional excavation company that caters to Graham, call us at (253) 777-1750.

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