Edgewood Backhoe


If you are looking for a backhoe service in Edgewood, WA, you should call Lee's Sanitation Service. Our company is the primary choice of many customers looking for excavation options in the area.

This is because our professionals know how to use an Edgewood backhoe loader seamlessly. Therefore, customers always get precise results from us.

The drivers we send to operate Edgewood backhoe loaders are skilled and properly trained. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the surrounding area being damaged during the excavation process. The mentioned Edgewood backhoe types and many more are available when we provide services such as:

  • Mini backhoe
  • Towable backhoe
  • Tractor backhoe
  • 3 point backhoe

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Edgewood Excavation


Our Edgewood excavation services are available for both commercial and residential buildings. Even if you want to clear the land, you can rely on our offerings. If your project requires bulldozers and professional operators, you can give us a call today.

Our company has taken up even the largest of Edgewood excavation projects to date and has completed them correctly.

We charge an exceptionally budget-friendly rate for our Edgewood excavation services. Therefore, if you want to stick to a budget while completing your project, you can rely on our company completely.

If you still have questions regarding our services and their benefits, you can talk to our professionals anytime. For this, you can use the given helpline number. These are some of the Edgewood excavation jobs for which you can hire us:

  • Backyard excavation
  • Hydro vacuum excavation
  • Front yard excavation
  • Patio excavation

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Edgewood Bulldozers


Our company owns different types and sizes of Edgewood bulldozers, so we will always have a suitable machine for your project. If you are still deciding on the kind of backhoe service you require, you can take help from our professionals.

We will suggest the most suitable option based on your project needs. When you call our team, we will share with you how you can hire our professionals with Edgewood bulldozers to assist you further.

If you are interested in learning more about our Edgewood bulldozers and related services, you can schedule a consultation with us. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions.

Once we get the detailed information regarding your project, we will even provide you with service estimates. Our Edgewood bulldozers experts are the right choice for the stated jobs:

  • Foundation digging
  • Landscaping
  • Concrete walls bulldozing
  • Driveway bulldozing

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