Des Moines Backhoe


Serving the Des Moines, WA area since 1950, Lee’s Sanitation has become a trusted name when it comes to getting excavation service in the city. If you require a backhoe or bulldozers for your project, we will come to your site and provide you with needed service.

A backhoe is equipment used for excavation, which can effectively perform the process of digging, thus helping in the successful accomplishment of your construction goals. When looking for backhoe service in Des Moines, be sure to choose a reliable option to make your project a success.

Since we earned the reputation of being dependable backhoe service providers in Des Moines, you can choose us if the need for a backhoe or bulldozers is realized in Des Moines.

The following can be expected from us:

  • Safe backhoe service
  • Fast backhoe service
  • Professional backhoe service
  • Backhoe service from qualified experts
  • Cost-effective backhoe service

Des Moines Excavation


Whether you are working on your Des Moines backyard or landscaping project, the need for excavation is usually realized. While hiring your Des Moines area excavation specialist, make certain to choose an experienced professional as improper excavation can not only affect your project but will cause damage to the environment as well.

Understanding the consequences of inappropriate digging, we strive to deliver precise excavation service in Des Moines. Whether it is backhoe service or bulldozing, our Des Moines digging specialists are known to provide:

  • Damage-free excavation
  • Safe excavation
  • Environmentally friendly excavation
  • Excavation service for restricted areas
  • Spark free excavation

Des Moines Bulldozers


Bulldozers capable of pushing a large amount of soil, assisting in accurate excavation, can help you perfectly when constructing your Des Moines driveway or new foundation.

Lee’s uses bulldozers for their ability to loosen even the most compact materials. Additional benefits of bulldozers include:

  • Tree Removal
  • Demolition
  • Debris Removal
  • Moving Rocks
  • Grading

If you need bulldozers for your project in Des Moines, come to us. In addition to ensuring that our bulldozers are operated by trained professionals, we make sure to consider your Des Moines construction goals to deliver accurate service.

Des Moines residents seeking backhoe and bulldozing service can call Lee’s Sanitation at (253) 777-1750. We offer free estimates!

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