Covington Backhoe


Established in 1950, Lee’s Sanitation has become a trusted name when it comes to seeking excavation services in Covington, WA. If your construction project requires a backhoe or bulldozers, we make sure to deliver proficient service to make your project a success.

The invention of a backhoe has made it easier for Covington experts to deliver better excavation service. Some crucial benefits of a backhoe include:

  • A backhoe can easily adjust to increased speed and efficiency needs
  • A backhoe effectively serves for residential and commercial projects
  • A backhoe helps in better digging
  • A backhoe comes with the flexibility to add attachments
  • A backhoe can perform multiple jobs

If you are looking for a backhoe professional in the Covington area, come to us. We ensure to employ trained backhoe operators to deliver quality and precise service.

Covington Excavation


When working on a new project in Covington, the need for excavation service is often felt. This is when you look for Covington area excavation experts to receive premium service. Since all excavation professionals are not the same, it is wise to choose your option wisely.

Serving as excavation specialists for a long time, we make an ideal option for you in Covington. Whether it is your Covington backyard or landscaping project, we use suitable machinery such as a backhoe to provide supreme service. Choosing us as your excavation professionals in Covington, you can expect:

  • Spark free excavation
  • Precise excavation and the removal of soil
  • Efficient methods of excavation
  • Service in confined areas
  • Damage free excavation

Covington Bulldozers


When there is a need to push a large volume of soil, rubble and sand during construction, bulldozers make a perfect choice in Covington. Equipped with a claw-like device at the rear, bulldozers loosen compact materials. Following are some advantages of bulldozers:

  • Bulldozers help in better excavation
  • Bulldozers come with varied attachments
  • Bulldozers can be help with loading and grabbing
  • Bulldozers assist in easy construction
  • Bulldozers can be used for sweeping and backfilling

If you have the need for bulldozers in Covington, come to us. Providing professional bulldozing service, our Covington area operators ensure that the goals and specifications of your project are met precisely. Besides, our professionals operating bulldozers ensure to keep environmental guidelines in mind.

Covington residents requiring bulldozers or a backhoe for their project can call Lee’s Sanitation at (253) 777-1750.