Burien Backhoe


Lee’s Sanitation Service has become a trusted name in Burien, WA when it comes to getting service associated with septic systems. Besides, we provide Burien residents with quality excavation service. The highly-skilled staff that we employ makes effective use of a backhoe and bulldozers to deliver precise excavation service in Burien.

A backhoe is a device mainly used for excavation. Since operating a backhoe is a complex job, not all are able to deliver real resultsin Burien. Thus, it is extremely necessary to look for professionals who have the capability to effectively handle bulldozers and a backhoe.

We are a suitable choice for backhoe service in Burien. Our trained backhoe operators come to your site to ensure your job is done a correct way. Besides, we ensure:

  • Dedicated backhoe service
  • Successful results through our backhoe service
  • Our backhoe experts adhere to safety standards
  • Safe and reliable backhoe service
  • Precise usage of a backhoe

Burien Excavation


Similar to backhoe service, the process of excavation demands professional guidance. Although you might come across many individuals who deliver excavation service in Burien, they might be unable to provide you with satisfactory results, the reason being lack of experience or an unprofessional approach towards excavation service.

Being in the business of catering to excavation needs for a long time, we aim at customer satisfaction in Burien. Choosing us as your Burien area excavation experts, you can expect:

  • Excavation service for your landscaping project
  • Excavation service for backyard work
  • Patio excavation
  • Immediate response to excavation needs
  • Experienced guidance

Burien Bulldozers


Whether it is constructing a new foundation or a driveway, almost every construction project in Burien requires bulldozers. Without bulldozers, you might not get expected outcomes from your construction project. Thus, looking for experts who can successfully operate bulldozers has become a necessity in Burien.

If you need bulldozers in Burien to move your project forward, get in touch with us. We have experienced staff, capable of handling bulldozers, to help you with bulldozing needs. Our Burien specialists are sure to:

  • Make effective use of bulldozers
  • Provide bulldozers for landscaping projects and driveways
  • Perfectly operate bulldozers to prevent damage to the surroundings
  • Deliver reliable service
  • Are well-trained before they begin to operate bulldozers

Burien residents can call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080 when they need bulldozers for any reason.

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