Bonney Lake Backhoe


Backhoe services are necessary, especially when you are working on a construction project in Bonney Lake, WA. A backhoe, a piece of equipment used for excavation, is usually mounted on the front loader or at the back of atractor.Apart from a backhoe, bulldozers are other machines that are generally required at the time of construction.

Lee’s Sanitation Service has been providingbulldozers and backhoe services in Bonney Lake since 1950. We understand that operating bulldozers and backhoe is a complex job, so we have employed trained operators who deliver safe backhoe service in Bonney Lake. With our years of experience and dedication, we strive to deliver positive results.

When your construction project demands excavation service in Bonney Lake, choose us for bulldozing and backhoe service. We provide:

  • Committed backhoe service
  • Fast backhoe service
  • Advanced techniques for backhoe service
  • Affordable backhoe service
  • Damage-free service

Bonney Lake Excavation


Excavation services are needed in Bonney Lake to ensure hassle free construction. Whether it is a landscape project or backyard work, the requirement for excavation service is felt at some point in time. You might come across various excavation service providers in Bonney Lake, but only experienced excavation professionals can deliver successful results.

We are a trusted option when it comes to getting excavation service in Bonney Lake. Making correct use of bulldozers and a backhoe, our excavation experts deliver quality service. Our aim is to provide our clients with premium excavation service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We provide:

  • Damage free excavation
  • Patio excavation
  • Positive results
  • Safe excavation
  • Professional guidance

Bonney Lake Bulldozers


While buildingnew foundations and driveways in Bonney Lake, bulldozers are required to get thejob done right. This is when professional experts, operating bulldozers, providing bulldozing service are looked for by Bonney Lake residents.

Bring an end to your search for bulldozing service with us in the Bonney Lake area. Ourskilledprofessionals visit your site with bulldozers, providing effective solutions to your bulldozing needs. Choosing our Bonney Lakeaeaprofessionals who are expert in handling bulldozers, you can expect them to:

  • Make safe use of bulldozers
  • Use bulldozers in confined areas
  • Use bulldozers for foundation digging and driveways
  • Deliver excellent service
  • Adhere to safety standards

Call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080 if your Bonney Lake construction project requires bulldozers.

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