Backhoe and Bulldozing Service

Auburn Backhoe


Lee’s Sanitation Service has been operating as a septic system expert in Auburn, WA since 1950. We repair and install all elements related to the septic system. Besides, we provide Auburn residents with bulldozers and backhoe service to carry out the task of excavation without any hassle.

Being in Auburn, you might often have the need for a backhoe and bulldozers for your construction project. Excavationis a complex task and you might not get successful results from it without a backhoe and bulldozers.

To get precise backhoe and bulldozing service in Auburn, choose us as your excavation experts. We deliver:

  • Safe backhoe service
  • Backhoe service for foundation digging and backyard work
  • Experienced backhoe service
  • Service from trained backhoe operators
  • Reliable backhoe service

Auburn Excavation


When you are working on your backyard and landscaping projects in Auburn, the need for excavation services cannot be ignored. Professional help is what you must opt for to ensure right excavation service in Auburn. Since the excavation specialists make use of bulldozers and backhoe, they are able to deliver true results.

Being in this business for a long time, we deliver quality excavation service in Auburn. Our staff makes effective use of a backhoe and bulldozers to ensure non-destructive excavation. Relying on our excavation service, you can expect the following:

  • Precise excavation and removal of soil
  • Secure removal of surface material
  • Damage free digging
  • Advanced techniques for excavation
  • Real results

Auburn Bulldozers


Whether you are constructing new buildings or driveways, you require bulldozers to make sure the project is carried out without any hassle in Auburn. Operating bulldozers is a risky job and must be performed by professionals. Below mentioned are a few situations where you might realize the need for bulldozers:

  • Foundation digging
  • Landscaping
  • Constructing driveways
  • Backyard work
  • Patio excavation

When you find yourself in any of these situations where bulldozers are required to continue with the process of construction, feel free to get in touch with us Auburn. Our highly skilled Auburn area professionals come with bulldozers to help you out with your bulldozing needs. Getting service from trained operators, coming with bulldozers, is a safe way to get your job done in Auburn.

Residents of Auburn can call Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080 if the need for a backhoe or bulldozers is felt.

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