Algona Backhoe


Looking for top-notch bulldozer and backhoe services in Algona, WA? Give Lee’s Sanitation Service a call. Our company has been meeting the needs for bulldozers and backhoes in the community since 1950. Bulldozing and backhoe services may be required by Algona residents for their construction, landscaping and renovation projects. Backhoes and bulldozers help take such projects forward by doing crucial initial work such as:

  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Land clearing
  • Site preparation
  • Debris hauling

The skill with which a backhoe and bulldozers are operated has a major impact on the concerned projects. Instead of renting the equipment and having a go at the job yourself, it is advisable to hire the services of a contractor like ours that offers professional excavation and backhoe services for Algona residents. We maintain cutting-edge, powerful backhoes and bulldozers. Our bulldozer and backhoe operators are highly skilled. They can be trusted for expert handling of excavation and other projects that need bulldozers or backhoes in Algona.

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Algona Excavation


If you are planning to get some landscaping or backyard work done, hiring the right excavation services should be your #1 priority. Hire us and rest easy that all the required excavation work in your Algona property would be done correctly, the first time. The backhoe operators we send to do your job:

  • Are highly trained in excavation techniques
  • Have extensive experience in excavation of Algona properties
  • Take care not to damage the utility lines during excavation

Our technicians deliver the backhoe services quickly, working diligently and without delays. They complete your excavation work in Algona fast so that your backyard or landscaping project progresses on schedule.

Algona Bulldozers


We offer our bulldozers in Algona for all sorts of big and small excavation or demolition jobs. Whether you are a construction contractor who needs assistance with excavation for installing new foundations, or a homeowner who wants to redo the driveway, call us. Our technicians bring top-of-the-line bulldozers to your Algona property to accomplish whatever work you need to get done. We offer you not just heavy-duty bulldozers and an expert crew to operate those bulldozers, but also much more to give you a pleasant experience with your new foundation or driveway project. We:

  • Schedule the job promptly
  • Treat you courteously
  • Charge competitive prices for the services of our bulldozers
  • Ensure timely job completion

Does your project in Algona need a backhoe or bulldozer? Contact Lee’s Sanitation Service. Call (253) 245-1080.

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