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Waste water and sewage disposal is forgotten if you are on city septic systems. However, if you are depending upon your Lakewood septic tank for processing, normal septic tank pumping and maintenance should not be overlooked.

Lee’s Sanitation Service has served the Lakewood home and business owners for over 50 years. Lakewood residents can depend upon our professional septic tank pumping, repair and maintenance services to ensure your septic system remains in proper working order.

Lakewood Residential and Commercial - Septic Pumping Service

Septic pumping on a normal basis helps to keep your septic system healthy. We recommend to our Lakewood customers that septic tank pumping should be done every 3-5 years depending upon the level of typical usage.

Frequent septic tank pumping is better than letting it go too long. If your Lakewood septic tank becomes full, the waste water and sewage may be forced back in your bathroom sinks and toilets in addition to other drains (like showers!) within your home.

Routine septic tank pumping can avoid this unwanted, messy and unhealthy situation from happening in your Lakewood home or business.

  • Our septic tank pumping process is quick and easy for the Lakewood property owner

  • We bring our fully-equipped septic pumping truck to your Lakewood location

  • A fully-trained technician inserts the truck hose to the bottom of your septic tank

  • Septic pumping is typically completed within 20 to 30 minutes

Septic Pumping Lakewood * Septic Pumping Services


Efficient Lakewood Septic Systems – To Do and Not To Do

Your Lakewood septic system has three main components; an underground septic tank, a drain field, and a distribution box that provides the link between the two.

The partially treated and clearer liquid is piped from the distribution box to the drain field. The drain field has perforated pipes that remain in gravel trenches that are subsequently covered with topsoil and grass.

This method allows for a natural filtering of the waste water that can be safely returned to the environment.

To keep your Lakewood septic system in proper working order, we recommend:

  • Do routine septic pumping on a regular basis to remove sludge

  • Do plant grass on or near your septic system drain field

  • Do have your septic system inspected (distribution box, baffles and drain field pipes)

  • Don’t flush anything but toilet paper (no bleach, hair, floss or feminine products)

  • Don’t park or drive vehicles on the drain field

To schedule septic tank pumping or to learn more on maintaining your Lakewood septic system, call Lee’s Sanitation Service at 253-245-1080.