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If you live in the Redmondarea but are not using the Redmond city sewer system, then you are relying on your septic system to property handle and dispose of any and all waste water and sewage.

According to American Ground Water Trust “Each American produces an average of about 50 gallons (about 200 liters) of waste water per day from water use in the kitchen, baths, showers, toilets and laundry.”

Even though septic tank pumping is not a dinner table topic, taking the time to be sure that it is properly maintained is important. Lee's Sanitation Service is an expert in septic tank pumping, maintenance and repair of your entire septic system to ensure it remains in good working order.

Redmond Septic Pumping – Why is it Necessary?

Any waste water that goes down the drain in addition to sewage from toilets will wind up in a single pipe which goes into the septic tank that is buried on your Redmond property. Once in the septic tank, it's going to divide into different layers - the heaviest portion (sludge) sinks to the lowest part of the tank and the fats, oils and proteins will float to the top (scum layer).

What remains at the center is a liquid called effluent or gray water. The scum and sludge layers will build up overtime and will require septic tank pumping to completely empty the tank.

We recommend septic tank pumping to maintain your system every 3-5 years according to usage. The process involves:

  • Our fully-equipped septic tank pumping truck arrives at your Redmond property

  • The truck hose is inserted into the tank

  • Septic pumping is typically 20-30 minutes and your septic pumping will be done!

Septic Tank Pumping in Redmond * Septic System Maintenance and Repair


Drain Field Maintenance forRedmond Septic Systems

The drain field is a critical element of your Redmond septic system. It's filtered naturally by bacteria that break down solids, or undesirable organisms and viruses, after the waste water leaves the tank and flows into the drain field.

Even though your drain field is beneath the soil surface, it still needs to be safeguarded against damage. Evasive tree roots, vehicle parking or driving over the drain field can cause breaks in the perforated pipes that lay in graveled trenches in your drain field location. Other drain field damage can happen if:

  • Baffles inside the tank become broken or cracked

  • Solid waste clogs one of the pipes

  • You haven't done proper septic pumping maintenance

  • Garbage disposal waste can't be adequately broken-down

  • The ground has become compacted and can no longer hold or absorb liquid

For further information on septic tank pumping, maintenance and repair for your Redmond septic system, call Lee’s Sanitation Service today!