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You might not be discussing your Des Moines septic system during the family dinner, but you also shouldn’t take it for granted. For Des Moines residents that are not on the city sewer system, your septic system plays an important role on your property.

Your Des Moines septic tank provides a holding area for all waste water from your home or business. This includes not just bathroom solid waste, but also filters any waste water from kitchen sinks and dishwashers or utility room sinks and washing machines.

Lee’s Sanitation Service has provided professional septic pumping services to the Des Moines and surrounding Puget Sound communities for over 60 years. If you need a new septic system installed, or would like to schedule septic pumping services, you can count on us!

Septic Tank Pumping to Maintain an Effective Septic System in Des Moines

Septic tank pumping is a required standard maintenance procedure for your Des Moines septic system. We recommend that septic tank pumping be done every 3 to 5 years depending on the amount of typical usage.

Septic pumping services are required because:

  • Sludge (or solid sewage) will sink to the bottom of the septic tank

  • A grease and oil layer will form on the top (scum layer)

  • Overtime the sludge will create a thick layer

  • A septic tank full of sludge and grease will not function effectively

If your Des Moines septic tank becomes full, the inlets and outlets can become clogged. This blockage can result in sewage backing up into the toilets and other drains in your home.

Septic Pumping Services for Des Moines * Septic Tank Pumping Maintenance


Our septic tank pumping service is an easy process for the Des Moines homeowner. Just give us a call to arrange for our septic pumping service and the experts from Lee’s Sanitation Service will be there to tackle the dirty work!

During the septic pumping service, you can expect:

  • Experienced crew in a professional septic pumping truck

  • Complete respect for customers and property

  • Septic tank pumping service requires 20-30 minutes to complete

Septic tank pumping is a priority for maintaining the efficiency of your Des Moines septic system. We can offer other suggestions and recommendations that will help prolong the life of your system as well:

  • Do not plant trees on or near the drain field

  • Don't drive over or park vehicles on the drain field

  • Don't dump chemicals down the drain (bleach, paint)

  • Only flush toilet paper!

Routine septic pumping services can keep your Des Moines septic system in good working order. Call Lee’s Sanitation Service for septic tank pumping today! 253-245-1080